The year 2022 has come to an end – and what a year it was! Quality award, strong growth, innovations and over 25 new hires.

ESBE’s Annual Report 2022

I was asked how I would sum up the year 2022 in just six words. I didn’t have to think very long because it’s all about:

Strong growth and increased market shares.


From an ESBE perspective year 2022 was fantastic

During the year, several positive events took place. Events that are of course positive for everyone working at ESBE but also for everyone who works with us. Let me start by saying that for the third year in a row we were named Sweden's Best Managed Companies . This quality award is awarded to private Swedish companies based on criteria that assess strategic focus, operational structure, corporate culture and economic development. Put simply, this means that employees and customers can trust that we are a stable company that acts with the future in mind. It also means that we are a company where everything is in order and that we will be both a good supplier and employer for a long time to come.



In 2022, a new extension was inaugurated, and it was an event that culminated in a well-attended and wonderful celebration. In addition to the new premises giving us a larger production area and conditions for expansion, we now also enjoy better social rooms and an improved working environment.


Product launches and successful collaborations

Concerning products, there was a feverish swarm of activity. For example, ESBE’s popular thermostatic mixing valve, VTA300, which was launched in a lead-free version , but also that one of our new products was nominated for Innovation of the Year. At ESBE, we listen to the market and work actively to develop new products, of which the new generation circulation units are a shining example. During the year, we’ve had many exciting and successful collaborations with OEM customers. Together with customer-unique products from us, the collaboration has focused on providing property owners with efficient heating solutions such as components for, for example, heat pumps and pellet boilers. An important work, not least in times of energy transition and high energy prices.


What determines what becomes a product launch?

Talking about product development, you might be wondering how ideas arise at ESBE? What determines which products ESBE will invest in? Well, rarely does an idea come by itself. In most cases, the ideas arise because we have our ear to the market and understand the needs of our various customers. Based on the need, a creative process is started. Ideas that meet ESBE’s core values  Energy saving, Comfort, Safety, Long-term Strategy, Leadership and Compassion are selected and further worked on. It’s really that simple. ESBE’s task is to provide property owners in Europe with the market’ most resource-saving products and solutions.

As ESBE grows, team spirit becomes increasingly important

To be a company at the absolute forefront, we need to surround ourselves with committed, skilled, and competent employees. During 2022, ESBE has grown strongly, and we have hired many fantastic colleagues. The ESBE Group has approximately 240 employees in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Hungary. At HQ in Swedish Reftele, we currently have 193 employees, divided between 99 women and 94 men. 

Working at ESBE is teamwork. All employees are involved in some form of process, and we depend on each other. It’s important that all parts of the chain work and a chain is never stronger than its weakest link. This is one of the reasons why we talk about ONE ESBE – Together. Everyone within the ESBE Group together with customers, partners and dealers are people who are part of ONE ESBE.

We continue to show responsibility and care

When representing ESBE, you are part of our DNA. Everything we have done historically and everything we do in the present is based on sustainability. Our founder, Johan August, coined the phrase at the beginning of the 20th century: “No new idea should be released to the market until it has first been tested in its own soil". 
During the year, ESBE continued its work to reduce its own energy consumption. The work will continue in 2023 and first on the agenda we will replace older lighting fixtures with LED. This measure will reduce electricity consumption by approximately eight percent. By conserving resources, we create long-term sustainable solutions on many levels.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something

In conclusion, for us compassion is important. ESBE sponsors and supports the Reftele community with a focus on children and young people. Sometimes, however, we need to raise our sights. In February 2022, Russia attacked a country located near Sweden. Families in Ukraine have been living in nightmarish conditions ever since. ESBE has chosen to provide financial support to Save the Children, the Red Cross and UNHCR several times during the past year. 
My personal wish is that no one should have to experience war. Let’s hope 2023 will be a better year in that regard.