F, Flange
F, Flange

Mixing valve


Series 3F are 3-way valves with flange connection PN6, suitable for mixing or diverting operation up to 6 bar. The valves are made of high-performing cast iron allowing use in heating and cooling installations. The 3F series is available in DN20-150 and comes with a PN6 flange to suit PN6 flange pipe dimensions. The valve is perfectly combined with ESBE actuators and controllers.
  • Superb regulation for best mixing or diverting performance up to 6 bar (PN6).
  • Wide range of sizes up to DN150.
  • Long lasting and high durability.
  • Perfect match between the valve and ESBE actuators

Product range

3F front_A-01
Flanged connection PN6, standard EN 1092-2.
3F side_A-01
Series 3F, Flange
Art.no.ReferenceDNKvs** Kvs-value in m3/h at a pressure drop of 1 bar.A mmB mmC mmD mmE mmF mmG mmWeight kgNoteNTCNTC = National Trade Code
111001003F 20201270140408265904x 11.53.5  
111002003F 252518751504082751004x 11.54.0  
111003003F 323228801604082901204x 155.9  
111004003F 4040448817540821001304x 156.8  
111006003F 5050609819550921101404x 159.1  
111008003F 65659010020052951301604x 1510.0  
111010003F 8080150120240631061501904x 1816.2  
111012003F 100100225132265731161702104x 1821.0  
111014003F 125125280150300801232002408x 1827.0  
111016003F 150150400175350881302252658x 1837.0  

Installation support

3way mixing_GB_A-01
The flat-sided spindle top (as well as the indicator of the knob) points towards the sleeve position.
3way diverting_GB_A-01
Installation examples
3F diverting
Installation instruction 3F

Technical data

Suitable application area
  • Heating
  • Comfort Cooling
Technical data
Pressure class: PN6 
Media temperature, max.: +110 °C
min.: -10 °C
Differential pressure drop, DN20-50, max.: 50 kPa
DN 65-150, max.: 30 kPa
Leakrate in % of flow, max.: 1.5 %
Rangeability Kv/Kv min.: 100 
Connections, Flange acc. to: EN 1092-2 
Material, Valve body: Cast iron, EN-JL 1030 
Slide DN 20-25: Brass, CW 614N 
Slide DN 32-150: Brass, CW 614N and Stainless steel 
Bushing DN 20-25: Plastic 
Bushing DN 32-150: Brass DZR, CW 602N 
Cover plate DN 20-25: Zinc 
Cover plate DN 32-150: Cast iron 
O-rings: EPDM 
Conformity: PED 2014/68/EU, article 4.3 
Valve characteristics 3F_dimensioning_A_en-01
Dimensioning $name
Dimensioning guide - Please see data sheet

Accessories and spare parts

Adaptor kits
ImageArt.no.ReferenceDesignationNational trade codeNoteData sheetInstructions manual


ESBE 900 Adaptor kit ESBE valves series MG, G, F, BIV, T, TM, H, HG.
16051300900ESBE valves series MG, G, F, BIV, T, TM, H, HG Series 90, CRA120, CRC120. Comes with the actuator or Controller. 
Spare parts
ImageArt.no.ReferenceDesignationNational trade codeNoteData sheetInstructions manual

Jointing set No. 1 (DN 20-65).
17000300 Jointing set No. 1 (DN 20-65)   

Jointing set No. 2 (DN 80-150).
17000400 Jointing set No. 2 (DN 80-150)   


Interior complete K 1C.
17000800K1CInterior complete K 1C 3F DN20-25, 3G DN20-40 (F120-125, G119-138)  


Interior complete K 2A-S.
17001100K2A-SInterior complete K 2A-S 3F DN32-40, 3G DN50 (F132-140, G151)  


Interior complete K 3A-S.
17001400K3A-SInterior complete K 3A-S 3F DN50-65  


Interior complete K 4-S.
17001700K4-SInterior complete K 4-S 3F DN80  


Interior complete K 5A-S.
17001800K5A-SInterior complete K 5A-S 3F DN100 (F1100)  


Interior complete K 5B-S.
17002000K5B-SInterior complete K 5B-S 3F DN125  


Interior complete K 6-S.
17002100K6-SInterior complete K 6-S 3F DN150 (F1150)  

98080120 Lever Replaces Handle knob Art.No. 1700 75 00 and Lever Art.No. 9836 00 10   

Download area

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Data Sheet 3F
Installation instruction 3F
Image 3F, high res
2D image 3F
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN20
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN25
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN32
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN40
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN50
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN65
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN80
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN100
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN125
3D drawing (stp file) 3F, DN150

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Series 90 with 3 point (open / close) signal is suitable for mixing operations.


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