About ESBE


For more than 100 years we have been establishing new standards time after time for what valves and actuators can do in different systems. All our products have three clear features in common: they use less energy, they enhance comfort and they improve safety; in systems for heating, cooling and tap water.

Today, ESBE products are present throughout Europe. Yet our product development and manufacturing are still based in the small Swedish village of Reftele − where it all started. We have today access to the most modern factory facilities and are of course also in possession of quality and environmental certificates.

Never stand still and a continuous development are top issues at ESBE. The development we are thinking about involves the entire company but the most visible outcome is the constant flow of new products.


• The group headquarters is based in Reftele, Sweden, and the company is majority-owned to 80% by the Skogsfors family. The other 20% is owned by shareholders among the employees.
• Established 1906 in Reftele, Sweden
• Family owned company in 4th generation
• Organic growth: ~ 5% the latest 10 years
• Quality certified according to ISO9001 since 1995 and enviromental certified according to ISO14001 since 1999.

Current figures

• 41 million Euro turnover
• 200 european employees
• With our 4 sales subsidiaries plus dedicated partners in more than 30 countries.

Investments for the future

• ESBE has invested about 35 million Euro in the factory facilities, product development and market investments. This have been done in the last five years with the company´s own financial strength. The decision was taken so that our offer should – in a global perspective – stay highly competitive also in the future.
• “Never ever stand still” is more or less the company mission which affects:
– constant and pro-active research and development of new products for upcoming new application areas.
– constant work to improve quality, production capacity, delivery precision and our total offer.


The purpose for our products is to contribute
to an enhanced indoor
climate by controlling
the temperature in
buildings with focus on
the customer´s highest economic benefits and energy efficiency.