Immersion double thermostat


  • Two in One solution - Temp. safety limiter and temperature regulation
  • 90-110°C Setable temperature of Safety limiter
  • 0-90°C setable temperature of Temperature regulator

The ESBE TIB100 is a combination of temperature safety limiter (STB) and temperature regulator (TR), consisting of temperature probes connected to switches.

Product range

TIB121 Reference Immersion sleeve [mm] Connection Weight [kg]
86902100 TIB121 100 G ½" 0,38
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Technical data

Technical data

Contact rating: Adjustable thermostat: (C-1): 10(2,5)A NC/250V AC ;
(C-2): 6(2,5)A NC/250V AC ;
Limiter thermostat, N-C: 10(2,5)A /250V AC
Enclosure rating: IP40
Control range: 0 – 90 ± 3°C
Fail safe: Yes
Limit temperature: (90 -110°C) Fixed 110°C +0/-6°C
Ambient temperature, max.: +80 °C
Bulb temperature, max.: +125 °C
Temperature differential, STB: ΔT 15 ± 8K
Temperature differential, TR: ΔT 4 ± 1K
Material, Cover: Plastic
Material, Sensor: Copper
LVD 2014/35/EU
RoHS 2011/65/EU
PED 2014/68/EU, Annex III - Module H1


Please see Installation instruction
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Download area

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