In order to give all employees at ESBE the opportunity to take part in, and influence the company's development, quality education is held continuously. Now, it was time for education again!

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During the spring this year, the production staff was given the opportunity to take part in and discuss why, for example, audits, measurement protocols and routines are needed for the daily work. How does ESBE's overall quality goals work? What are ESBE's priorities? How does this affect me in my work and how does ESBE work to fulfill its Quality Policy?


ESBE's priorities are primarily Safety - Health - Environment - we must take care of each other and our surroundings. 
The next priority is Quality. Our customers must feel confidence in and trust that what we deliver are quality products. 
Also internally - what I pass on from me, must at least fulfill what is expected.


This autumn, Linda Thelin, Quality and Environmental Coordinator at ESBE, has continued with internal education for all the office staff. The education that gives a broad understanding of how important it is to ensure the quality of what you do and sell.


Linda says that the participants have gained an insight into ESBE's quality work and the value-creating work that is done at ESBE. Many have been involved in the quality work since before and the information becomes repetitive or obvious, but a lot of "aha" insights also appear.

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“Interesting and important education! We discussed what quality and work environment means and how the work can be controlled with, for example, different standards. But also how I, myself as an employee, can influence and be influenced by quality work. I got a comprehensive understanding of the different steps and how they are connected”, says Robin Johansson, development engineer at ESBE and one of the course participants.

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“A very good education”, says Johnny, an assembly employee at ESBE. “Quality is not just about delivering products with good quality, there are so much more at ESBE where quality is important - for example communication between employees to avoid misunderstandings.”