ESBE has been recognized as one of Sweden’s Best Managed Companies every year since 2020 and is therefore a gold member.

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It’s important for us at ESBE to administer our brand and to build for the future. Through our work, we are involved in creating conditions and solutions for the energy transition in Europe.


What is Sweden’s Best Managed Companies?


Sweden’s Best Managed Companies’ program is a competition to recognize the overall success of strong Swedish private owned companies based on strategic direction, ability to execute, corporate culture and financial performance. It’s Deloitte that conducts the award. ESBE has been recognized as one of Sweden’s Best Managed Companies every year since 2020 and is therefore a gold member.


Gold member, Peter Cerny, CEO at ESBE – how does it feel?

“This isn’t something we think about all the time, but we keep on with our everyday life where we try to make the company better every day. But of course, it’s extremely fun to be noticed by Deloitte in this way.”

How is ESBE affected by the award Sweden’s Best Managed Companies?
“The award has meant a great deal to us at ESBE when it comes to attracting new employees and new customers, but also retaining them. I believe that everyone prefers to work for a great company in the same way that customers prefer to do business with successful companies. The award Sweden’s Best Managed Companies has meant a lot to us in Sweden, but since we are an international company with subsidiaries in several European countries, it also creates success outside Swedish borders. International partners and employees at our subsidiaries are just as happy as we are.”

Does the program have an important role from a broader perspective?
“Deloitte’s program is of course very important for the development of Swedish business. The companies that are recognized with the award are not only evaluated from a financial perspective, but Deloitte also looks at innovation, strategy, corporate culture, quality, and sustainability. So, there are many different aspects that form the basis of the award, and I would say that it benefits the business world in general. The fact that it’s not only Deloitte’s clients who receive the award, but that an independent jury has been appointed, creates both confidence and gives substance to the program.”

How will you celebrate the fourth award and that ESBE has become a gold member?
“We usually pay attention to our successes by inviting all Reftele employees to a sandwich cake, and I think we are qualified to do that this time as well”, Peter concludes with a broad smile.

Thanks for the chat and good luck in the future!