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FAQ Rotary actuators

Below we have answered frequently asked questions from our customers. If you do not find your answers here please contact your closest wholesaler or ESBE Sales company in your country.
What type of actuator/controller fits to my ESBE valve?
I've got VRG13x valve and I need an actuator for it. What would you recommend?
How shall the actuator be assembled on the valve ?
How can I mount a used ARA6xx actuator in a correct way on a Mixing valve?
Is it possible to mount an M60 actuator on a VRG valve?
The valve and actuator is not working properly, what is wrong?
Actuator is oscilatting back and forth.
For what can the Auxiliary switch on the actuator be used?
ARA600 is working but the valve and the white linkage kit is not moving, what is wrong?
What is adjusted with the green ring on the ARA600?
How do I change the working direction of my actuator, ARA600 3-point (ARA6X1; ARA6X2; ARA6X3; ARA6X4)?
How do I change the working direction of my actuator, ARA600 2-point (ARA6X5; ARA6X6; ARA6X7; ARA6X8) changed?
How do I change the working direction of my proportional ARA600 actuator?
What kind of working angle and running time can be chosen?
Which control signals can be set on the 90P?
How can I set the working direction?
How do I do the setting of the actuator?
Can I use the handle in any case and any operating angle?