Below we have answered frequently asked questions from our customers. If you do not find your answers here please contact your closest wholesaler or ESBE Sales company in your country.

How is the benefits of a storage tank maximized?

If water is carefully added and withdrawn from a storage tank, the laws of gravity will keep the hot water in the top of the tank, and the cold water in the bottom of the tank.

The heat energy in the tank is concentrated in the top of the tank, ready for use. It is much more useful to have a smaller quantity of hot water than a large quantity of warm water which does not have enough temperature for a shower or bath.

An example to illustrate the benefits of achieving good stratification, three tanks with the same energy contents, but split differently.

Tank to the left
No stratification achieved, 40°C in the entire tank:
Not hot enough for tap proper domestic hot water comfort (the temperature will drop a little during transport in the pipes, making it barely body-warm when reaching a shower etc).
Not legionella safe.
Not hot enough to be used for regular radiator heating.

Tank in the middle
Some stratification achieved, 50°C in the top of the tank and 30°C in the bottom:
Hot enough for domestic hot water comfort.
Not legionella safe.
Possible to use for some radiator circuits, but not all.

Tank to the right
Good stratification, 70°C in the top of the tank and 20°C in the bottom:
Hot enough for domestic hot water comfort
Legionella safe


Is the opening temperature afterwards adjustable?

Yes, we offer a wide range of thermostatic wax elements as spare parts. Please see the Spare part documentation in the folder "Download Area" on the product page.

How is the flowrate calculated in order to choose the right product?

Tools for dimensioning of valves are available in our catalogue or as a free download software (ESBE Hydronic Selection) found on this home page.

For what is the flap inside the LTC300?

 It is an integrated self-circulation function. This function mean that the tank loading continues even in the event of a power failure, or if the circulation pump stops working. This self-circulation function is blocked at time of delivery but it is easy to enable or disable it yourself, please follow the recommendations from your boiler manufactorer. Please see the movie for further information how the self-circulation is working and how to activate/de-activate the function.

Follow the link to see the movie



Can the pump of LTC170 to LTC140 be changed?

Yes it possible to change the pump size in the LTC as long as you buy the new pump from ESBE.

The draught regulator is not working, what can be wrong?

1) Low performance and the draught regulator doesn't close. The wax element need to be replaced. Please contact your local distributor or customer service for more information regarding spare parts.

2) No function at new installation. Draught regulator has been mounted / assembled incorrect. Please check user instruction for correct installation.

I have a solid fuel boiler with 1½" connection. Do you have any mixing valve that fits to my installation?

The valve in solid fuel applications with a pump solution should be calculated based on the needed water flow (Kvs), not by pipe size.

Please follow the charts in the Data sheet, or in the Catalogue to select the right valve (Load valve or Load unit) depending on system.

For more information, please contact customer service.