Looking for a thermostatic ESBE valve that almost seems designed to show care? Product Manager PerJohan Brodén shares insights about his favourite product, the VTA series.

ESBE’s thermostatic mixing valve series VTA, in simple terms, mixes hot and cold water to ensure you always have the perfect temperature in your taps or in your underfloor heating system.

PerJohan Brodén, one of ESBE’s product managers, believes that the features of VTA valves deserve the spotlight. Before we ask him to explain, he gives us a glimpse into his life. He tells us that he lives in a rural area in a small village called Hamra, five kilometres outside Reftele. There, he shares a home with his wife, two children, and two cats in a wooden house with a large garden and a barn big enough for bicycles, a motorcycle, and a caravan.
When we inquire about the heating system in his property, PerJohan smiles a little sheepishly. It turns out there isn’t a single ESBE product in sight.

“We heat the house with an air-to-air heat pump, direct electric heating, and two soapstone fireplaces. That’s probably why our feet always feel a bit chilly every winter when the cold is at its worst.”


He shares an energy-saving tip that he thinks is important to highlight:
“To reduce the risk of Legionella, I recommend that the temperature in all taps should be at least 50°C. In the kitchen, I suggest a few degrees warmer for sparkling clean dishes. Too hot water in the taps can lead to scalding and unnecessary hot water consumption.” 
This leads us inevitably to the next question:

What is your favourite ESBE product??

I want to highlight our mixing valve, VTA, which is available in both a smaller version, VTA300, and a slightly larger version, VTA500. In spring 2024, we will also launch our new thermostatic solution for properties with slightly higher hot water demand. The solution will be able to supply hot water to approximately 15 showers simultaneously.

What makes the VTA series so good?

There are several advantages to the VTA series, but above all, it’s very good at regulating temperature and ensuring a consistent and stable water temperature. One of its most appreciated features is the built-in anti-scald function. If the cold water suddenly disappears, the valve immediately shuts off the hot water flow to prevent scalding. This is particularly important in places like nurseries and nursing homes, where reaction times can be slow.

In underfloor heating systems, the anti-scald function acts as a temperature limiter to protect the floor from damage caused by excessive temperatures. Additionally, the VTA300 series is available in lead-free construction, demonstrating care for both people and the environment.


PerJohan Brodén favours the VTA mixing valve





Do you have any good tips/use cases where the VTA valve fits?

Absolutely! In addition to being used together with hot water tanks and as a temperature limiter in underfloor heating systems, we offer ready-made kits where the VTA valve plays the lead role. These kits, named VTR, are ideal for hot water circulation, meaning they provide instant access to hot water without unnecessary water consumption.

We also offer kits for various heat sources such as gas boilers or solar panels, as well as kits with a VTA valve and a safety valve to prevent harmful high pressures in the systems. You can find ESBE’s thermostatic units here.

Finally, we ask:

One of the words in ESBE’s core values is Care, what does it mean to you?

Care to me means caring for others and striving to be one’s best self. It’s about creating a pleasant and supportive environment where everyone can be themselves. For ESBE, care means considering not only the needs of people but also those of the environment. Legionella protection, anti-scald function, and lead-free materials are examples of how we integrate care into our products and our work.