For larger properties, it pays to connect ESBE’s thermostatic mixing valves in parallel when the hot water temperature is controlled by central regulation.


At ESBE, we work actively to reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort and safety. As part of this work, we have developed circulation kit series VTR300 / VTR500. This product is a simple, compact installation that simplifies cumbersome piping in HVAC circuits. In systems with high flow, such as in apartment buildings or larger facilities, several VTRs can be connected in parallel. Of course, it works just as well to connect stand-alone thermostatic ESBE VTA valves in parallel.



That's why we say Let’s tango!

We jokingly call the parallel connection solutions Let’s tango because “it takes two to tango”. But in this case, more can participate in the dance, so it’s really more of a form of line dance. It is perfectly possible to connect as many valves as you need to reach the Kvs value of the property. Three valves with a separate Kvs value of 3.2 each give approx. Kvs 9.6 when connected.
Central regulation of hot water temperature is the most common solution in small and large properties. Of course, providing the system with hot water circulation when you want to maintain a high temperature of the tap water and protect the users against legionella is also an advantage. ESBE’s VTR circulation kits are an excellent alternative for smoothly connecting an HVAC circuit.


Benefits of ESBE’s VTR circulation kits

●    The circulation set consists of the high-performance thermostatic mixing valves series VTA320 or VTA520.
●    The manifold is marked with arrows indicating the direction of flow.
●    The insulation shell is easy to take on and off.
●    Incredibly smooth installation.
●    Pre-assembled backflow prevention ensures legionella-free hot water circulation.
●    Ready to install straight out of the package!


Benefits of ESBE’s high-performance thermostatic valves ESBE series VTA

•    ESBE’s series VTA thermostatic valves handle both small and large flows. This makes the installation extremely cost effective.
•    Do you have a higher flow requirement? Then you can advantageously connect two or more VTAx00 valves in parallel with external connecting pipes to achieve a larger Kvs. Works just as well for the low flows of a single house as for the high flows of a large apartment building.
•    The parallel connection offers great possibilities for adaptation.

High-performance ESBE thermostatic valves series VTA and VTR

ESBE series VTA and VTR provide stable regulation of the mixing temperature, but we would like to highlight another feature. The valves reduce the need for overtemperature, which means that energy savings are provided. With parallel-connected valves, you can also get a more accurate regulation of the flow than with a large valve. In other words, the valves are excellent for apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, bathing and showering facilities.