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Solid fuel 7

Complete solid fuel application with domestic hot water and solar system.
Insulated load valve with shut off vavles makes it easy to add your favourite circulation pump. Compact and with stable return temperature for use in heating applications up to 150 kW.

Independent control device intended to regulate the temperature of solid fuel boilers by adjusting the air supply.

Regulation with a 4-way bivalent mixing valve gives possibilities of prioritations between levels in the storage. With this setup will the top of the tank stay hot longer in order to save energy for the domestic hot water.

A complete weather compensating controller for the heat circuit that also can control a electrical immersion heater based on the bivalent valve position or the requirements for the domestic hot water.

A indoor sensor based controller for the heat circuit offering a high level of comfort and at the same time provide energy saving. Thanks to the special interface between the valve VRG130 and controller has the combinationen a unique stability and precision when regulating.

The thermostatic valve offer a high flow capacity and good functionality and at the same time an in-line scald safe* function for general domestic hot water applications. *) Scald safe means that in case of cold water failure, the hot water shuts off automatically.

Safety valve for protection against excess pressure in domestic hot water applications. Made out of dezincification resistant brass.