VRG232 + ARA645
VRG232 + ARA645

Rotary unit

VRG230 + ARA600 2-point

Valve series VRG and actuator series ARA delivered as a set in an all-in-one package. For more information about the products, please see separate product pages.

Product range

Series VRG232 + ARA645
Art.no.ReferenceReference - Mixing valveDNKvsConnectionReference - ActuatorVoltage V ACRunning Time 90° sTorque NmNoteNTCNTC = National Trade Code
13023500VRG232+ARA645VRG2322510G 1 1/4"ARA64523030611620700 + 12120800 
13023600VRG232+ARA645VRG2323216G 1 1/2"ARA64523030611620800 + 12120800 
13023700VRG232+ARA645VRG2324030G 2"ARA64523030611621500 + 12120800 

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Series VRG230 are 3-way valves suitable for midport change-over / diverting operation.

ARA600 2-point

Series ARA600 with 2-point (on/off) signal is suitable for diverting operations.