• Built-in shut-off and check valve functions.
  • Connections for safety and maintenance equipment.
  • Complying with EN1717.
Manifolds series VMA200 are inlet valves in domestic hot water systems. The manifolds are equipped with connections for safety valve, draining valve, filling valve and vacuum valve for protection and maintenance of installations.
Product range

VMA213, Internal thread and compression fitting

VMA200 front_A-01.png Reference DN Kvs Opening pressure [kPa] Connection C Connection D A [mm] B [mm] Weight [kg]
36401000 VMA213 15 2,5 5 CPF 15 mm G ½" 86 53 0,30
36401100 VMA213 20 3,5 5 CPF 22 mm G ½" 86 53 0,35
Technical data

Technical data

Pressure class: PN 16
Connections, Internal thread (G): ISO 228/1
Connections, Compression fitting (CPF): EN 1254-2
Working temperature, max.: +100 °C
Material, Valve housing and other metal parts with fluid contact: Dezincification resistant brass, DZR*
*Suitable for drinking water applications
Material, Seat seals: EPDM
Material, O-rings: EPDM
Material, Knob: Plastic
Material, Regulating cone: Plastic (PPA)


PED 2014/68/EU, article 4.3 /
SI 2016 No. 1105 (UK)
See certificate
ÜA R-15.2.4-22-17605 (AT)
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