Right now, groundwork is ongoing along the road towards the entrance of ESBE head office and production facility in Reftele.


We are starting to become crowded in some of our production areas in the factory, mainly due to volume growth within certain production groups. That is why we have started a project for an extension of our production facilities and during the spring / summer 2020 we plan to set the details, says CEO Peter Cerny.




The land project is expected to be completed in September this year. The biggest challenge is blasting more than 12,000 cubic meters of rock. Parallel to the blasts, the surplus of rock and soil masses is being taken care of and excavations along the existing industrial facade will be started step by step. - The goal is to proceed with building permits and procurement of the construction project in the autumn of 2020. We expect that the extension can be completed at the earliest at the end of 2021/2022.

Markexploatering Reftele_0.jpg

Markexploatering Reftele_6.jpg




We at ESBE believe strongly in the future and are preparing for a future expansion of 2500m² of production and warehouse facilities in Reftele, to be able to handle our growing volumes. We have no major doubts to invest in an expansion despite the situation with Covid19.

-ESBE is a family business founded in 1906 and has had a very long-term view of the company and its development throughout the years. We believe in further future sales and volume growth and therefore we choose to continue investing in the long term, says Peter Cerny.