Haven’t tried ESBE’s circulation units yet? Anton at Skaraborgs Rörservice has. He explains how they had to drive all the way to Mullsjö to pick up a specific ESBE circulation unit for their heat pump installation and why he chooses ESBE products.


At Skaraborgs Rörservice, there’s always plenty to do, and they often work with ESBE products. Anton Andersson started as an apprentice in the trade in 2017, and since then, a lot has happened. Among other things, one of his installations won the Swedish ESBE Hero award. It was also during the ESBE Hero competition that we at ESBE discovered more exciting projects Anton had been involved in. Anton clarifies:

“Many projects are exciting, but this one was particularly so. An old conference center was to be renovated and transformed into a residence. The work was quite extensive because they had to re-cast the entire propert’s slab. But it turned out very well. There was also some re-planning along the way to adapt to the decision to have radiators instead of underfloor heating upstairs.”






The property consists of a ground floor and an upper floor totalling about 240 square meters. On the ground floor, the family chose to embed 8 underfloor heating circuits, while the upper floor is heated by an installed radiator circuit with 3 radiators. The heat pump provides heat to both the underfloor heating circuits and the radiators. The heat distribution is controlled by an outdoor sensor connected to the heat pump. To protect the underfloor heating circuit from excessive temperatures, they have installed an ESBE GRA200  circulation unit with actuator connected to the heat pump’s control system.

“It’s a convenient product to install, and I can definitely recommend others to try ESBE’s circulation units. They are easy to connect, and the adjustable wall bracket makes the installation easily adaptable to the pipes. We install a lot of heat pumps, and I always consider the circulation units for the installation”, says Anton.

In the stylish and rustic laundry room, the neat installation is now complete. And it turned out really nice!

Do you also have a nice installation that makes you extra proud and want to tell us more about it? You are welcome to contact us by e-mail sales@esbe.eu and let us know more about the specific installation you have made!


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