We had the pleasure of hosting a group of installers at ESBE. Four installers from the UK were thrilled to gain a deeper understanding of how ESBE products work, and to get a look into our company and how the production in Reftele is structured. We found their visit to be very inspiring and now we are even more eager to further establish ourselves on the British market!

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In early April, four curious and enthusiastic installers and influencers from the UK paid a quick visit to ESBE in Reftele. Two days filled with energy and inspiration, provided by the Englishmen!
And the questions were flying from the start, as Todd Glister, Mark Hall, Simon Taylor and Damon Blakemore arrived in Reftele. How are the brass valves manufactured, where can we use them, how can we install the circulation units? Yeah, a lot of knowledge and experience was exchanged during two intensive days at ESBE.



Until now the sales of ESBE products have gone through a partner in a well-functioning cooperation. However, we have lacked that important direct contact with the market. Therefore, Darren Myers, an energetic Geordi, was hired as sales director for the UK. In his short time with us he has built a wide sales and support network there. If you’re curious about Darren,

The visit also gave us the chance to ask a lot of question – directly to the guys who works with our products! Exciting!

An exchange of knowledge and experience 

For ESBE, it is important to have a close contact with those who use our products. So, when four enthusiastic installers from the UK step over the threshold at ESBE, we can't help but shout "Hurray!".
One thing that the plumbers appreciated very much during the visit was the review of ESBE's product range.

“These lovely, compact, circulation units are just a great. I’m really looking forward to starting to install them.”, says Todd Glister.

”The diverting valve range really caught my attention. As the UK move into heat pumps, they are something I definitely think will pick up.”, says Mark Hall.

We also got a chance to show our library with instruction videos. Something that would prove to be useful for our guests. ”I think the videos are great! Maybe a bit long, but you can find clear instructions when your out on a job.”, Simon Taylor tells us. If you have missed the videos, you can find them on our support page.

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The best of the best – a guided tour of the ESBE factory 

One of the most appreciated parts of the visit was the factory tour. During the tour our visitors got to see how ESBEs products are made.
“It was like molten lava brass rods that went into the machine, and hot out of the press comes the valves ready for finishing work. Seeing that part of the process was definitely my favourite part. You know, it’s just all the fire, loads of fire! Amazing!”, säger Todd.
”Without a doubt, the best thing was walking through the factory and seeing how the valves were pressed. I thought they would be laser cut or something, not pressed like they were.”, says Damon.
We can safely say that everyone's eyes were wide open when they saw the work process from brass rod to finished product. Are you also curious about how a valve is made? Take a sneak peek here >>
Want to join the guys on the tour? In the video next to this, you can see parts from the tour!

Enthusiastic plumbers from the UK visit ESBE in Reftele

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The gang gets the obligatory tour of ESBEs factory.

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Todd Glister watches in awe as the valves are pressed

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The gang gets the obligatory tour of ESBEs factory.




With a tank full of energy

After the visit, we are filled with the plumbers' infectious energy and happy about new friends and acquaintances. And with that energy our system, we are now setting our sights firmly on the UK.
A big thank you to Todd, Mark, Simon and Damon for showing interest in ESBE and for wanting to visit us - and the icing on the cake is that they are now our ESBE Heroes on site in the UK. Are you curious to know more about ESBE? Then you’re very welcome to meet us at the Installer Show in Birmingham this June, stand 5150. 


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Our guests are now appointed as ESBE Heroes.

Todd Glister.png

Todd Glister 


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Simon Taylor 


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Matt Hall 


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Damon Blakemore