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We will soon launch our new load unit series LTC300. It is equipped with a variety of smart features on the inside of its eco-friendly shell » Take part in the information


If you heat your house with solid fuel, the launch of ESBE’s new load unit series LTC300 may be of interest. The product is developed and optimized to be a reliable partner for the boiler. In short, the LTC300 for solid fuel applications ensures more efficient combustion.

The load unit ensures that the boiler has an even temperature. This brings a number of benefits: You save energy and reduce the environmental impact, while increasing the life of the boiler.

Some of the LTC 300 features

• The integrated self-circulation works in the event of a power failure
• Integrated ball valves for shut-off function for easy service maintenance
• Replaceable thermal element
• All components are pre-mounted
• Low weight and compact design
• Constant high return temperature
• The market’s most accurate thermometers

Stay tuned! The series LTC300 will be launched shortly