During the pandemic, the challenges have been many, not least for social cohesion at the workplace. That’s why we created the One ESBE Challenge.


The pandemic situation has shown that togetherness is more important than ever. Many are working from home or are based on different projects. One ESBE Challange was created to maintain social contact and encourage team members to exercise regularly. By participating, the employees get the opportunity to inspire colleagues with exercise sessions and at the same time get lots of cheering and encouragement back.

Equal terms for all participants 

Everyone can participate – on equal terms. Regardless of exercise level. A swift walk is worth as much as a marathon. There are no pointers, and the participant chooses which form of exercise is suitable. Exercises can be, for example, brisk walking, yoga, dancing, running, golf, skiing, gym, cycling or badminton. All exercise sessions of at least 30 minutes where the participant has an elevated heart rate and becomes slightly short of breath are counted as one session in the statistics. A maximum of one session per day is counted in the competition.

98 participants divided into 11 teams 

On the start day, March 2, the 98 participants received a login link to a team of colleagues online. Every time you exercise, you post your exercise session within the group you belong to together with photos, videos, comments and pep talk. Using web or mobile through the app We + (weplus.com) the participant share experiences and stay connected bringing up the level of engagement. The common goal is to complete at least 2 sessions per week.

Encouragement through cheering and awards 

Groups and individuals compete against each other in the One ESBE Challenge. You compete in the number of exercise sessions, improvement and the best social score. The challenge ends with digital awards for Best Team: exercise/week and social score but also for Best Individual: best improvement and exercise/week. 

Facts One ESBE Challenge 

  • Period: March 2 - April 22 
  • Goal: At least 2 exercise sessions a week 
  • Number of participants: 98, divided into 11 teams 





The competition is over! 

We congratulate the individual winners who all, in addition to the honor, also each received a gift card to use in the Stadium store chain. 

Most public posts/week: Jörgen Thelin
Week’s funniest public picture: Josefin Weihed
Most diligent woman: Ditte Hägg
Most diligent man: Dan Blomqvist
Best improvement: Christina Larsson
Best public pep talk/week: Krzysztof Kamycki