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Below we have answered frequently asked questions from our customers specific for the controller 90C. If you do not find your answers here please contact your closest wholesaler or ESBE Sales company in your country.

The circulation pump connected to the controller 90C is not working. What can be wrong?
The 90C controller is running continously but shows no regulator function.
The red light on the 90C is flashing on the front cover.
It says "ERROR" in the upper left corner of the display on the controller 90C, what does it mean?
There is no manual inside the packaging of the 90C, where can it be found?
Is there any additional installation instruction to the 90C-controller?
The temperature from the sensors are not shown in the 90C display.
How can the valve position be changed manually in 90C?
Can the different relay be tested manually in 90C?
It is too hot/cold inside the house and there is no room unit connected to the 90C.
How is the opening direction changed on the 90C?
It is too hot/cold inside the house and there is a room unit connected to the 90C.
Why can't the 90C be used on ESBE valves Series 4F, Series T and Series H?
Can the controller Series 90C be mounted on valves in Series VRG/VRB and VRH?
How can I mount a used 90C controller in a correct way on a Mixing valve?
The different relay are not working according to settings in the 90C.