KTD112, External thread
KTD112, External thread

Connection kit


Connection kit with external thread for use on externaly threaded valves.

Product range

Series KTD112, External thread (3 connections/package)
Art.no.ReferenceConnection AConnection BC mmD mmWeight kgNoteNTCNTC = National Trade Code
36551700KTD112G 1"R ¾"43350.363 connections/package 
36551800KTD112G 1¼"R 1"48.5400.633 connections/package 
36551900KTD112G 1½"R 1¼"55.5450.973 connections/package 
36552000KTD112G 2"R 1½"62501.323 connections/package 
36552100KTD112G 2¼"R 2"68552.183 connections/package 

Technical data

Technical data
Pressure class: PN10 
Media temperature, max.: +180 °C
min.: -20 °C
Connections, Nipple design acc. to: EN 1254-4 
Internal thread (G): ISO 228/1 
External thread (R): EN 10226-1 
Material, Nut: Brass, CW 614N 
Connection piece: Dezincification resistant brass, DZR* 
Gasket: Klingersil C-4400 
* Suitable for drinking water applications  
Conformity PED 2014/68/EU, article 4.3 

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