New tagline

ESBE announces a new tagline


Soon, you’ll start seeing the tagline “Swedish Hydronic Solutions Since 1906” everywhere on ESBE related marketing material. A simple phrase that consists our core.

We were looking for a way to express what we’ve been, what we are now, and not the least of which, what we are becoming. The tagline “Swedish Hydronic Solutions Since 1906” expresses the essence of a journey: a proud Swedish heritage developing and innovating Hydronic Solutions for over 100 years.

Swedish Hydronic Solutions Since 1906 is a tagline that can be broken down into three components of origin, solution, experience. It is about attracting through the quality and knowledge we have accumulated over many years and links to ESBE's vision and mission.

Swedish Hydronic Selection Since 1906_black

Our tagline is meant to gather, strengthen and clarify the image of our brand and identity.
The core of the brand in a single short memorable sense.

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Contact:  Lars Dahlström, Marketing Director
               Tel +46 371 57 00 69, Email [email protected]