ALB100, 3-point/Proportional
ALB100, 3-point/Proportional



Series ALB100 with voltage proportional or 3-point (open / close) signal is a actuator with fast running time and large available force. The electronic circuitry ensure that the working range is automatically adjusted and that the running time is the same, regardless of the stroke of the valve.
  • Fast running time.
  • Can be used for both 3-point and proportional control signal.
  • Position feedback signal.
  • Perfect match between the actuator and ESBE valve.

Product range

ALB100 side_A-01
ALB100 front_A-01
ALB100 side open_A-01
Series ALB144, 3-point or proportional control signal 24 VAC V ACForce NPower consumption VANoteNTCNTC = National Trade Code
22050100ALB1442480015.00..10V, 2..10V or 3-point control signal. Discontinued article. Replaced by 22201200 (ALF264) 

Installation support

Installation instruction ALB100

Technical data

Technical data
Supply voltage (±10%): 24 V AC
Power consumption: 15 VA
Running time by proportional signal, Valve with stroke 10-25 mm: 15 s
Valve with stroke 10-32 mm: 20 s
Valve with stroke 10-52 mm: 30 s
Running time by increase/decrease signal: 300 s/60 s 
Stroke: 10-52 mm
Force: 800 N
Duty cycle, max.: 20 %/h
Output Y, voltage: 2-10 V (0-100%) 
Ambient temperature, max.: +50 °C
min.: -10 °C
Ambient humidity: max. 90% RH 
Enclosure rating: IP54 
Weight: 1.8 kg
Material, Cover: Plastic / Metal 
Housing: Aluminium 
Conformity CE_A-01
LVD 2014/35/EU
EMC 2014/30/EU
RoHS 2011/65/EU
Wiring ALB100_A-01
Y = Feedback signal
X1 = Control signal
MX = Input neutral
VH/VC = Increase/Decrease
GO/G = Supply voltage

Accessories and spare parts

Adaptor kits trade codeNoteData sheetInstructions manual


Adaptor kit Satchwell VZ, VJF, VSF 15-50, VZF, MZF DN 65-150 valves.
26000800ALA826Satchwell VZ, VJF, VSF 15-50, VZF, MZF DN 65-150 valves   


Adaptor kit Siemens VVF 31, VXF 31, VVG 41, VXG 41, VVF 52, VVF 61, VXF 61, VVF 45, VVF 51, VXF 11, VVG 11, VFG 34 valves.
26000200ALB841Siemens VVF 31, VXF 31, VVG 41, VXG 41, VVF 52, VVF 61, VXF 61, VVF 45, VVF 51, VXF 11, VVG 11, VFG 34 valves Do not fit version ALF131 in Series ALFxx1 and ALF134 in Series ALFxx4 
Options trade codeNoteData sheetInstructions manual


End position contacts, 24 V.
26200700ALB841End position contacts, 24 V   


Stem heater, 24V.
26201200ALF802Stem heater, 24V   

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Data sheet ALB100
Installation instruction ALB100
2D Image ALB100
3D drawing (stp file) ALB144

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