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Since 1 February 2020, ESBE has activated a working group that is closely following the development of effects in the flow of goods due to covid-19.

The working group analyses continuously the delivery capacity of our suppliers, creates action plans for different future scenarios and takes decisions on the measures required.

ESBE has decided to increase our stock of items up to 8 weeks in our central warehouse in Dachau, Germany, thus maintaining a very high delivery capacity to our customers.

The stock situation is currently good. We have no problems with our delivery ability and the situation ahead looks good. This can, of course, change with an increased impact on our suppliers and for individual items or if countries imposing restrictions on goods transport.

However, we follow the situation closely and work actively to find alternatives and creative solutions as and when required.

We have introduced several measures focusing on our employees, our customers and our operations.

Our focus is on maintaining our high delivery capacity and customer service.


Best Regards,
Peter Cerny