About ESBE


R&D (Research and Development)

The R&D main objective is based on customers needs to continuously maintain and update the existing ESBE product portfolio and develop new products to extend the portfolio.

The R&D laboratory is adapted to match the ever increasing demands. New test methods as well as test equipments are created to prove quality demands.

Products are developed to fulfill customer needs and to be a well informed and innovative support to sales R&D must continuously follow the development of the served market as well as material and component supply. Application know-how is a key factor to fulfill customer demands!

At R&D there are 11 engineers focusing on skills like managing projects, being specialist on products and to develop and prove designs.


The main task for Operations is to deliver products to our customers to the right quality, in the right time and to a competitive price. Products will be delivered directly to customers or to our subsidiaries in Germany, France or Poland. In Operations we are about 120 employees working in different departments.

In all part of operations the SMART principles are used and continuous improvements is one of the most important tools.


Lean is called SMART at ESBE and it stands for;
S Successive improvements
M Method and approach
A All involved
R Right from me
T Together

SMART is not a project that can be implemented during a defined, limited amount of time. It is more an approach or strategy that enables us to progress step by step towards achieving a vision of eliminate waste and a shift of focus to doing the right things.

At ESBE it is a long-term strategy, patience and giving managers and co-workers better conditions for detecting and reducing waste in our daily work.


ESBE highly modern production facilities in Reftele, Sweden