About ESBE


With our 4 sales subsidiaries plus dedicated partners in about 30 countries ESBE has a well covered market presence all over Europe. The group headquarters is based in Reftele, Sweden.


Whether our first line target group is the installer, wholesaler or the OEM - we deliver first class products that provide comfort, safety and energy savings. These three aspects are important to all home owners around the world today, for the sake of the environment, and for people's well-being.

OUR OFFER - a wide assortment

ESBE is well known for a wide assortment when it comes to valves and actuators, which we believe is necessary in order to cover the many different market and application needs in a global perspective.

Our wide assortment is a result of many years experience and knowledge of our customer’s basic essential needs and requests. And of course we also bring this knowledge into our new product development projects.

This means that you as customer in many cases will find your specific product need already existing in our standard product assortment. Good both for you as well as for us. A standard product means higher total volumes in our production and less risk for mistakes.