VMB423, Compression fitting VMB423, Compression fitting. With safety valve
VMB423, Compression fitting VMB423, Compression fitting. With safety valve

Valve manifold


The series VMB400 is a compact valve combination for hot water storage. The valve combination has non return and shut-down device incorporated and connections for safety valve, vacuum valve etc. The incoming hot-water is regulated within a temperature range of 35 to 60°C by a thermostatic mixing valves.
  • All in one, easy installation.
  • Anti-scald and anti-legionella protection.
  • Accuracy of regulation.

Product range

VMB400 side_B-01
VMB400 front_B-01
Series VMB400, Compression fitting
Art.no.ReferenceDNKvsSafety valve MPa MPaConnection EConnection FA mmB mmC mmD mmWeight kgNoteNTCNTC = National Trade Code
31502000VMB423151.1 CPF 15 mmG ½"16553approx 55860.78Replaces 31500600 
31502600VMB423151.11.0CPF 15 mmG ½"16553approx 55860.93  
31502100VMB423201.6 CPF 22 mmG ½"1655352-60860.86Replaces 31500100 
31502200VMB423201.60.6CPF 22 mmG ½"1655352-60861.01Replaces 31500900 
31502300VMB423201.60.7CPF 22 mmG ½"1655352-60861.01Replaces 31500300 
31502400VMB423201.60.9CPF 22 mmG ½"1655352-60861.01Replaces 31500200 
31502500VMB423201.61.0CPF 22 mmG ½"1655352-60861.01  

Installation support

Installation examples

Technical data

Suitable application area
  • Potable water
Technical data
Pressure class: PN 10 
Differential pressure, Mixing max.: 0.3 MPa
Media temperature, max.: 95 °C
Temperature stability: ±2 °C
Temperature range: 35-60 °C
Connection, Internal thread (G): ISO 228/1 
Compression fitting (CPF): EN 1254-2 
Material, Valve housing and other metal parts with fluid contact: Dezincification resistant brass, DZR 
Conformity PED 2014/68/EU, article 4.3 
Conformity Low Lead_100x128_utgA-01

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Data Sheet VMB400
2D Image VMB400

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