VRG131 + CRC111
VRG131 + CRC111

Controller unit

VRG130 + CRC110

Valve series VRG130 and controller series CRC110 delivered as a set in a all-in-one package. For more information about the products, please see separate product pages.

Product range

Series VRG131 + CRC111
Art.no.ReferenceReference - Mixing valveDNKvsConnectionReference - ControllerTorque NmNoteNTCNTC = National Trade Code
13041000VRG131 + CRC111VRG131206.3Rp ¾"CRC111611600800 + 12820100 
13041100VRG131 + CRC111VRG1312510Rp 1"CRC111611601100 + 12820100 

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Series VRG130 are 3-way valves suitable for mixing or diverting operation.
VRG131, VRG331


Series CRC110 is an outdoor sensor based controller with integrated actuator.