ISH 2015

ESBE at ISH in FRANKFURT from 10 to14 March 2015!


Our products act behind the scenes but they are in the spotlight where comfort and safety are concerned.

Our highlights at ISH are;


    Superflow_speedski_LRSuperflow: a superfast, very compact small product platform in very exclusive uncompromisingly modern design. Only a year after its conceptual release we are able to show with the Fresh Hydro freshwater station as the first industrialised domestic product with the Superflow integrated, a product that performance wise could be considered “best in class”, based on innovative contributions from Kioto, ESBE , Wilo and Resol, all market leaders in their respective field.

  • VRG_3st_RGB_LR

    Our new rotary valve VRx series is the new generation of a market leader based on DNA with more than 80 years tradition of valve innovation. Installers can in future rely on products that are more adaptable, easier to choose, even longer lasting and greener than their predecessors through innovative features built-in and around the product.

  • CRx Cloud_RGB_LR

  • CRx Controllers with cloud services

    A weather change on the horizon? ESBE is now up on the cloud. Imagine a controller that learns the house it is installed in and how the indoor climate is affected by changes in the weather. Also imagine that it has a learning function that helps it to predict the reaction of the house to outdoor changes. Allow us to present the ESBE CRD.

  • Circulation units, now with even more options

    Circulation units extended_RGB_LROur line of circulation units was definitely not the first pump group on the market, but when being released, its innovative functional packaging, its design and unique features redefined the performance standards in this product category. Our customers like our approach and tell us what they need, and we duly oblige by giving them product line extensions with the same ESBE specific look and feel.

  • We are in hall 10.1 C 53: WELCOME!