About ESBE


From Local to Glocal

In 1906, ESBE or then called Skogsfors Bruk, was founded by a true entrepreneur called Johan August Skogsfors. At an age of only 26 years he had started up a most modern factory in southern Sweden, Småland Province, for manufacturing cultivators and seed machines, products needed to rationalize farming. Above all, he installed a power station for electricity - and he became the first one to have this modernity - in the small village of Reftele.

In the mid 1930’s the product range was extended to include also water pumps, hydrophores and mixing valves. The company grew and Johan Augusts son Göte joined the company. Johan August decided to divide the company in three parts and gave the mixing valve business to Göte. A much smaller industry was now commanded by Göte who continued product and production developments. For example the first patented 4-way mixing valve was launched in 1939.

The company grew and exports increased – the ESBE mixing valves had soon become an industry standard. In 1965 exports consisted of more than 50% of the turnover. Also, in several Central European countries, the ESBE mixing valves was equal to the context Swedenmischer (Swedish mixing valves). At the time, Göte had fallen ill and his son Mats, the third generation Skogsfors, joined the company and within short became the new Director of ESBE in year 1967.

In the mid 1970s the first ESBE actuators and thermostatic valves reached the market. Product development continued and was very much driven by customer wishes, but at all times combined with ESBE's own knowledge and ideas. The result was a constant flow of smarter and smarter product solutions. One good example was released in 1991 - a real knockout product - the actuator series M60. This product gave ESBE an even stronger position in the European market.

The company grew rapidly under Mats’s leadership. During the late 1990s the company seriously established its presence in Europe via subsidiaries in Germany, France as well as via country specific sales agents.

In the 2000's very much have happen at ESBE in order to further strengthen the company position as a market leader. Through production investments and product developments as well as market and sales actions. A good example is the last years expansion via our subsidiaries in Italy, Denmark and Poland plus our own dedicated sales resources in Norway and Austria. At the same time a whole dedicated OEM International sales team have been established to serve this part of the market.

The ESBE company is well prepared and ready for another 100 years in this business!


Bruket 1930 

The former Skogsfors Bruk in 1930's in Reftele, Sweden


Shunt no 1

The first produced ESBE mixing valve in year 1935.




ESBE is nowadays a well known brand in our business all over Europe.