About ESBE



The environment is our concern. We are a group of ambitious Europeans that focuses on developing products that help home owners to reduce their energy costs, without sacrificing comfort, and at the same time reducing the impact on our carbon-constrained world. We offer solutions for regulating hydronic heating and cooling systems that offer the market’s most sparing use of resources.

social responsibility

In our owner directives are the requirement included that the company's operations primarily should be located in Reftele and for almost 100 years ESBE has been an important part of Refteles society. In a small community like Refteles size it is a special kind of community, we are there for each other and feel responsible. This feeling we are at ESBE keen to preserve.

Linked to our brand core value "Compassion" we also support different kind of iniatives and organizations working for a better world. Examples as follows:
A) For charity organizations: ESBE has yearly, the latest 10 years, made donations.
B) For the youth’s sake: ESBE sponsor locally sports and non-violence-initiatives in school.
C) For the environment’s sake:  An external made energy audit guides ESBE to reduce plant energy use by 37 percent and halve the climate impact. ESBE has also become a partner in a wind energy company. Primarily to provide the plant with green electricity.