About ESBE

our core PRODUCTs

Rotary motorized valves

ESBE rotary valves and actuators regulate the heating comfort of millions of households. Our offer is a wide range of rotary valves in a number of different designs for the regulation of heating and cooling. Add to that many different actuators for simple and quick installation on the valve. Giving you a complete motorized valve that guarantees reliable, energy-efficient operation for many years to come.


ESBEs assortment of controllers has become wider and wider in the last years. With the introduction of the controllers CRA, CRB and CUA we offer indoor as well outdoor sensor controlled variants. And in parallell of course also constant temperature regulators. All have in common that they make it easy to deliver comfort, safety and energy savings to your customers.

Thermostatic control units

Our series of thermostatic mixing valves has made heroes of installation engineers throughout Europe. The basic requirement for ensuring a tap water system is safe to use involves the prevention of two significant factors: legionella bacteria and scalding.