GFA311, Wilo Pump
GFA311, Wilo Pump

Circulation unit


The ESBE series GFA100 is a circulation mixing unit designed for heating circuits, where the constant temperature control is required. Equipped with two shut-off valves with thermometers, check valve, high class insulation shell and high efficiency circulation pump.

The GFA100 is delivered with the 3-way thermostatic mixing valve for constant temperature control of the heating circuit. The thermostatic mixing valve has adjustable temperature setting.

  • Thermostatic constant temperature control
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • High class insulation shell
  • High efficiency circulation pump
  • Compact design

Product range

GFA300 front_A-01
GFA300 side_A-01
Series GFA311 range °CConnection IConnection JWeight kgNoteNTCNTC = National Trade Code
61023100GFA31120Wilo 15/7,520–55G ¾"G 1"4.0  

Installation support

Installation examples
Installation instruction GFA300

Technical data

Technical data
Pressure class: PN 6 
Media temperature, max.: +110 °C
min.: 0 °C
Ambient temperature, max.: +50 °C
min.: 0 °C
Working pressure: 0.6 MPa
Connections, Internal thread (G): ISO 228/1 
External thread (G): ISO 228/1 
Insulation: EPP λ 0.036 W/mK 
Media, Heating water  (in accordance with VDI2035) 
Water/Glycol mixtures, max. 50 %
(above 20% admixture, the pump data must be checked)  
Water/Ethanol mixtures, max. 28 %
Material, in contact with water: Components of Brass, Cast iron, Steel 
Sealings material of: PTFE, Aramid fibre, EPDM 
EEI (Energy Efficiency Index), Wilo circulation pump: <0,21 
The integrated Thermostatic mixing valve: Max. differential pressure drop: 100 kPa
Temperature range: 20–55 °C
Temperature stability*: ± 3 °C
* Valid at unchanged hot/cold water pressure, minimum flow rate 9 l/min. Minimum temperature difference between hot water inlet and mixed water outlet 10°C. 
The integrated Circulation pump: Type: Wilo RSTG 15/7,5 
Power supply: 230±10% VAC, 50/60Hz 
Cable length: 3 m
Power consumption: 4-75 W
Enclosure rating: IP X4D 
Insulation class: F 
EEI (Energy Efficiency Index): <0,21 
Characteristics: See diagram 
Conformity CE_A-01
LVD 2014/35/EU
EMC 2014/30/EU
RoHS 2011/65/EU
. blank-01
Circulation pump Wiring LTC100_A-01
The circulation pump should be preceded by a multi-pole contact breaker in the fixed installation.
GxA300_elkoppling PWM-01
Pumpspeed could be controlled by PWM signal
Constant speed GFA300 Constant dimensioning_A_en-01
Dimensioning, Pump Capacity diagram
Example: Start with the heating demand of heating circuit (e.g. 25 kW) and move horizontally to the right in the diagram to the Δt = 15°C (temperature difference between flow and return of the heating circuit). Next go up and find working point and read the available pressure of the pump on the left – ∆p = 47 kPa.
Variable pressure GFA300 Constant dimensioning_A_en-01

Accessories and spare parts

Options trade codeNoteData sheetInstructions manual


Manifold for 2 circulation units, without integrated hydraulic separator function.
66000500GMA321Manifold GMA321, DN20 Manifold for 2 units.


Manifold for 3 circulation units, without integrated hydraulic separator function.
66000600GMA331Manifold GMA331, DN20 Manifold for 3 units.
Spare parts trade codeNoteData sheetInstructions manual


ESBE GSP931 Pump RSTG 15/7,5 Wilo
67003100GSP931Pump RSTG 15/7,5 Wilo    


ESBE GSP903 Thermometer upgrade set, 2 pcs/package
67000600GSP903Thermometer upgrade set, 2 pcs/package    


ESBE GSP932 PWM cable Wilo RSTG, 3m
67003900GSP932PWM cable Wilo RSTG, 3m    


ESBE GSP933 Ball valves incl thermometer DN20 G¾", 2 pcs/package
67003300GSP933Ball valves incl thermometer DN20 G¾", 2 pcs/package DN20, G¾"  


ESBE GSP930 Insulation circulation unit DN 20
67003000GSP930Insulation circulation unit DN 20    


ESBE GSP933 Ball valve DN 20
67003500GSP933Ball valve DN 20 DN20  


ESBE GSP933 Ball valves incl thermometer DN20 G1", 2 pcs/package
67003800GSP933Ball valves incl thermometer DN20 G1", 2 pcs/package DN20, G1"  

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Data sheet GFA300
Installation instruction GFA300
2D Image GFA311
3D drawing (stp file) GFA311, DN20

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Series GMA300 is manifolds for 2 or 3 circulation units including insulation according to EnEV2014 and wall brackets.

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